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“...At first when I watched your videos of people trying it I thought okay, is this sauce really that good? Which made me want to try it so bad. I’m not kidding when I say this but you sir make the greatest hot sauce I’ve ever tasted and smelled. This hands down is my #1 favorite hot sauce and I recommend it to everyone. I’ll definitely let your creation be known to the masses. Please don’t ever stop making this epic hot sauce!”
- Colton Hudy, Witchita, KS

“Hey my friend!! Wow, your sauce is amazing!! I truly enjoyed it...Yes, enjoyed!! I actually brought it into work to share with the Chefs. It was a hit, man. I have tried thousands of sauces over my years of collecting, reviewing, writing, and traveling the show circuit... I do not sugar coat nor do I feel I shouldn't be totally honest with makers. I enjoyed your sauce thoroughly and gladly shared it with people/peers that I think a lot of.”
- Vic Clinco, Chili Pepper Magazine

“Hola, Newcomb... Your sauce is muy delicioso!”
- Beatriz Cazares, Miss Mexico

“Just got the sauce tonight! It's incredible. Perfect blend of habanero
and taste. A lot of sauces are overpowered with peppers and just
ruin the experience; specially sauces marketed as "the real deal".
This one is amazing. Terrific blend of spice and flavor. The fruitiness
of the habanero really shines thru! I love it!”
- Rane Pierson, Hopatcong, NJ.

“Newcomb, what have you done to me? I've just finished all
3 sample bottles and I need more. I can't believe what this sauce
does for every food, especially chicken. When paired with grilled
pineapple it's amazing. On its own you appreciate the sweetness
of the peppers but paired with food it really highlights both the
ingredient and the heat of the sauce. I look forward to buying
more. I'm really impressed.”
- Ian Anderson, Los Angeles, Ca.

“Your hot sauce is awesome. Your extra hot is the perfect combination
of flavor and heat. I’m on a low sodium diet and this is my ‘cheat’ - I eat
this stuff with pretty much everything. It’s my new favorite hands down.
I’m stoked to have found you on Kickstarter and plan on being a loyal
customer for years to come. Keep up the great work, Newcomb!”
- Mike Yasuma, Orange, Ca.

“F^@K this sauce is good. I try any sauce I see that is new. I am a
hot sauce freak and everyone buys me new bottles all the time.
I have over 100. This yellow Newcomb's bottle is that perfect
combination of heat vs flavor that you want in a sauce. All the flavor!
Maybe this is as good as it gets?”
- Jamaica Scott, San Diego, Ca.

“IT is awesome, and FReaking Hot! But the best thing is that if you take
away the heat, it is actually tasty! My wife and father were in tears of
joyous pain tasting this! They now take it with them to places to eat.
- Jatin Mava, Tecom, Dubai

“I really like your hot sauce, it has a lot of flavor in addition to its heat.
My favorite use so far was mixing a tablespoon into a jar of tomato sauce
which made it much more exciting in my pasta. I would recommend it to
anyone who likes hot sauce, and I'm looking forward to trying the
extra hot whenever I run out of my current supply.”
- Daniel Peterse, Philadelphia, Pa.

“[Newcomb] makes, truly, THE world’s best hot sauce--hot sauce so good that, I’m not a huge fan of hot sauce but when I had his hot sauce I was like, holy $h!t, and started putting it on everything.”
- Mehow Powers, San Diego, Ca.

“Because I love hot sauce so much, my friends and family are always giving me new brands to try and when I tasted Newcomb’s Atomic Hot Sauce it had the best flavor hands down without exception.”
- Chaz Christianson, Los Angeles, Ca.

“My refrigerator door is dedicated to open bottles of hot sauce and Newcomb’s is my favorite one by far.”

- Jason Bacciocco, Novato, Ca.

“Newcomb’s hot sauce has changed my diet because I always eat foods that go good with it.”
- Biambu Garrett, Beverly Hills, Ca.

“It’s a little hot for me but I eat it anyway ‘cause it tastes so damn good.”
- Jim Corson, Sausalito, Ca.

“I didn’t even like hot sauce until my friend insisted I try Newcomb’s and now I can’t get enough of it.”
- JC’s Friend, Monterey, Ca.

“This sauce is off the hook!”
- Alex Torres, Concord, Ca.

“Wow! That’s some great f***in’ sauce, man!”
- Mark Garvin, Los Angeles, Ca.

“Your hot sauce is like crack!!! Send me another bottle... Man this $h!t is good!!!”
- Anthony Capobianco, Detroit, Michigan

“There was a time when I couldn't handle anything that was hot or spicy.
Newcomb’s Atomic Hot Sauce changed all of that. Not only do I put it on
everything imaginable, but I find myself calling everyone “SUCKA.”

- Jacob Horn, Los Angeles, Ca.

I am a big Wussy when it comes to Hot Sauce. I had never in my life
paid for a bottle of the stuff. The painful heat of the ingredients was
exacerbated by the vinegar used by almost all the manufacturers.
Newcomb's Sauce is a notable exception. Instead of a watery and nasty
vinegar experience, one is treated to a smooth and almost creamy
texture that is still a spicy Heaven (or Devilish Hell if you prefer).
Thanks Newcomb for going so delightfully Nuclear!”

- Joel Bennet, Encino, Ca.

“Dude, I tried every hot sauce in your refrigerator and they all suck
compared to Newcomb’s.”

- David McLinn, World Traveler

Once you’ve had Newcomb's Atomic Hot Sauce, there's no need
for anything else...”
- Phil Werbin, Los Angeles, Ca.
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