The 200% Money Back Guarantee:

There are 3 conditions for receiving DOUBLE your money back:

1.) This offer applies to single bottle purchases from this website only and is exclusively intended for first-time buyers who were brave enough to give Newcomb’s Atomic Hot Sauce a try.

2.) The sauce must be returned within 21 days from purchase date along with the original receipt and return authorization number.

3.) Refund does not include shipping.

Please reconsider:

If you’re thinking of returning the sauce only because it’s too hot for you but you do indeed like the flavor then you should keep it. You will adapt and crave more. Eventually you will become one of us chili-heads. Read the testimonial page. There are happy customers who didn’t even like hot sauce until they tried ours! Apply smaller amounts and build up your tolerance. Use it as an ingredient in cooking without making your food all tangy from too much vinegar. Drop a dab in a bowl of New England clam chowder or put some on your eggs. Dip your fries in it; rub some on your barbeque chicken; slather some on a bucket of Bubba Gump’s garlic shrimp. Try a little on some Three Twins Cardamom Ice Cream! Our hot sauce is surprisingly good on so many things. The possibilities are endless.

Okay... If you feel you simply got yourself in over your head, we will honor the guarantee if the 3 guarantee conditions referenced above are met. Did we mention that chili peppers cause cancer cells to commit suicide? Read this:

There are many other health benefits of chili peppers:

The 100% refund:

An unopened bottle qualifies as a standard return and gets the customary 100% refund for the merchandise only. The tamper-evident seal must still be intact.

The honor system is a two way street:

The guarantee is void if the bottle is returned half empty or if the remaining sauce is altered in any way in an attempt to defraud. It obviously doesn’t take much hot sauce to decide whether one likes it or not.
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