Why is Newcomb’s Atomic Hot Sauce orange? Is it a habanero sauce?
Although there are habaneros in the sauce, the orange color is the result of blending red, green, yellow and orange colored chili peppers. So, the sauce is not as hot as a habanero-only sauce.

How hot is your sauce?
This is a hard question to answer because perceived hotness is relative from person to person. If you’re new to hot sauces, it would be a quite hot for you--maybe a 6 or 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 (excluding the “off the charts” weapons-grade novelty hot sauces). However, if you’re a hot sauce connoisseur then you may rate it between 4 and 5. It’s definitely hotter than most sauces served at your local restaurants (between 2 and 3) but not so hot as to be unenjoyable. Try a small amount first to test your own tolerance.

Are you going to come out with milder and hotter versions?
We plan to have not only different heat levels, but also different products made with chili peppers as the common denominator.

Is there a store where I can buy Newcomb’s Atomic Hot Sauce?
As of now, the only place to buy Newcomb’s Atomic Hot Sauce is from our website. When demand grows, we plan to have specialty store chains carry our products. When this happens it will be announced on the News tab.

Are there preservatives in your hot sauce?
None. Zip. And there never will be. The vinegar, salt and chili peppers themselves already act as natural preservatives plus our sauce is bottled using a “hot-fill” method...meaning that it is bottled and capped hot enough so that a vacuum seal is created when the bottle cools down. This also creates a stable shelf life. However, once the bottle is opened and the seal is broken, the sauce should be refrigerated to preserve maximum freshness. We use less vinegar than most other hot sauces so our sauce can’t stay out at room temperature and last as long as the vinegary sauces do.

Does your hot sauce have mustard in it?
No. No sugar, no corn syrup and no ketchup either.

Is it a tomato based sauce?
No. Even though there are tomatoes in the sauce, it’s a very small amount--just for flavor. Newcomb’s Atomic Hot Sauce is truly a chili pepper based hot sauce. That’s why the first two ingredients on the label are, “chili peppers, more chili peppers...”

Is your hot sauce vegan?

Why use canola oil? Isn’t it bad for you?
Almost ALL “oils-in-a-bottle” are bad for you--especially if you consume too much. Each 200ml bottle of sauce contains only 5.5ml of high quality certified organic expeller pressed non-GMO oil.
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