Welcome to Newcomb’s Hot Gourmet

Are you tired of hot sauces with low flavor to heat ratios? Are you annoyed when your food tastes sour after applying hot sauces made with too much vinegar? Are you bored with getting your tongue vaporized without a truly great chili pepper taste to show for your pain? If you’re searching for a hot sauce where the wonderfully unique flavor of the chili pepper really stands out; look no further. You’ve come to the right place.

Since 1999, Newcomb has spent many tireless hours in the kitchen creating a hot sauce that tastes so good you’ll become addicted to the flavor! Newcomb’s Atomic Hot Sauce is made from the finest ingredients spare no expense. Only the freshest and juiciest hand selected chili peppers are used in our hot sauce. We blend many different chili peppers in various proportions to combine their best attributes resulting in a delicious hot sauce that is truly gourmet.

Try a bottle... We’re so confident you’ll love Newcomb’s Atomic Hot Sauce that we offer a 200% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with it’s deliciousness, simply return the unused portion and get DOUBLE your money back!*

*See info page for details and restrictions.
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